mike being his sweet self!

Created by chelseybailey 9 years ago
Mike was a very great guy! I went tk school woth him amd ridgemont & then a few years later westarted working together at myek. We had so much fun clowning around together at work.. on days I wadent geeling the greatest he always cheared me up! We started car pulling at work one week I took him next week he took me.. I remember when him shane and I went to work one day amd I was so tired driving home & he followed me home amd noticed I was fslling asleep on theroad. He cut in front of me laid on his.horn amd made me stop amd get in the car with him and had shane drive my car. H was so thoughtful & such a sweetheart. He was there for me when he thought something bad was gonn happen to me driving home. Even tho he had to stop and walk his dogs he still took me all theway bak to kentoj before he went & did thay bcuz he new how tired I was and wouldn't let me drve home! Mike u were. Great friend & you will ner b frgotten!!